Frequently asked questions for Le Floride’s resort

How can I book several properties or camping pitches?

If you wish to book several properties or camping pitches, you must complete the booking form. If you wish to be , for example, next to your friends, you just have to detail this in the “comments” section of each booking form. Depending upon availability, the campsite will do its best to accommodate you.

Can I select my Camping pitch number?

You can mention your preferences in the “comments” part of your booking form (for example: to be close to the swimming pool, to have a pitch for a large caravan of 8 m…). Subject to availability, the campsite will assign you the pitch best suited to your needs. The choice of a specific pitch is between 15 and 35 € depending on the period and the type of rental.

How can I check availability or get a quote?

To check availability or get a quote, nothing could be simpler! Go to our website, click on the button “Make a booking” at the top left of the screen… and make your choice.

What is the Cancellation Guarantee ?

It is an optional extra added for a small charge:

Price: 5% of your stay

  •  BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE, if one of the following events occurs: serious illness or accident or death affecting: You or your partner, one of your ascendants, descendants, sons-in-law or daughters-in-law, mothers-in-law; significant material damage to your property requiring urgently your presence; loss of employment; accident or theft of your vehicle and/or your caravan occurring during your journey (direct) to get to your stay destination; the alteration or cancellation of the paid holiday period initially given by the employer (workers with more than one year’s employment and excluding professions, business owners and legal representatives)
  • YOU WILL BE REIMBURSED FOR: -25% of the total cost of the rental in cases of something happening between the date of booking and the 30th day before the start of the booking; -100% of the total of the rental cost in cases of something occurring less than 30 days before this date.
  •  DURING YOUR STAY, if one of the above mentioned events happens to you and you are forced to interrupt your stay, YOU WILL BE REIMBURSED for the corresponding part of your stay not used and already charged for by the campsite.
  •  EXCLUSIONS: Problems brought about by foreign wars, civil wars, strikes, nuclear or radioactive effects; problems intentionally brought about by the insured person; suicide or attempted suicide of the insured person; accident, pandemic, illness or death occurring prior to the date of the guarantee, or as a result of a poor health due to a chronic illness, before the date of the start of the stay; nervous depression not accompanied by hospitalisation at the time of the stay.

Why opt for the Cancellation Insurance?

Without the cancellation guarantee and if you cancel your booking more than 30 days before the start date, the deposit paid will be kept. The complete payment for the stay will be kept for any cancellation carried out less than 30 days before the start date of the stay.

Are holiday cheques accepted?

The campsite accepts holiday cheques.

Are the rental properties provided with blankets?

Yes, duvets and pillows are always provided in the Rental properties.

What are the possible arrival and departure times?

For the rental properties, arrivals begin from 4-00pm and for the camping pitches from midday. For all late arrivals (after 10-00pm), we ask you to warn the campsite on 00 33 (0)4 68 86 11 75.

Departures are before 10-00am for the rental properties and before midday for the camping pitches.

How far are you from the beach?

For the Embouchure side a minimum of 100 metres, 600 metres minimum on the Floride side.

How far are you from the village?

800 metres from the entrance to the village of Barcares.

Are swimming shorts allowed in the pools?

No, swimming shorts are not permitted, only trunks, boxer swimming shorts, bikinis and one-piece swimming costumes are permitted.

Is the permanent safety bracelet compulsory?

Yes! The wearing of the safety bracelet, visibly worn on the wrist, is compulsory.

How is the clientele made up?

Mostly of families and couples (young and retired).