Sponsor your family and friends for Le Floride’s resort

A great deal to save money for you and your friends / family !

The Sponsoring Deal (for stays of 7 days and more) :

25 € Discount for the Existent Customer

25 € Discount for the New Customer

Warning : the sponsorship application must be made at the time of booking.

Can I Sponsor someone ?

Existing customer, already staying at the campsite a previous season, I can sponsor a friend or family.

Ex: I was a client in the year 2018, I will be able to sponsor a friend or my family for the year 2019, 2020, 2021, ...

Sponsorship: Possibility to sponsor up to 4 stays, for a maximum of 100 € combined discounts!
The discount will apply on your next stay.


Can I be Sponsored ?

You can be sponsored if you never came to the Floride & L'Embouchure's campsite before.
A family can only be sponsored once.

Possibilité de Parrainage au Camping Le Floride, Camping 4 étoiles au Barcarès près de Perpignan

To activate a sponsorship deal when you book online, it's very simple :

When booking, in the section "Remarks Stay", the godson must indicate the name and first name of his godfather.

The discount will be deducted a few days later, on the file of the godson as on that of the godfather.

For any inquiry, you can contact our receptionist hostesses : +33 4 68 86 11 75

Camping Le Floride Parrainage en Hébergements Insolites au Barcarès

Sponsoring your relatives is the best way to enjoy your vacation surrounded by the ones you love and you have fun with !